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Dean's Vision

"I saw firsthand how lack of access to technology marginalizes communities. My passion for equity led me to bridge the digital divide by refurbishing devices and providing computer literacy programs. Though the road is long, each donated computer brings us closer to digital accessibility for all."

Dean Hendricks

Founder and Director

The life story of

Dean's impactful journey to bridge the digital divide

Dean's inspiring personal journey conquering the imposing obstacles barring digital access ignited an inner fire to uplift other disadvantaged souls still struggling mightily. Having intimately lived the grinding challenges of the pervasive digital divide firsthand for years, Dean founded a nonprofit in 2022 utterly devoted to empowering disadvantaged communities through access and digital literacy programs. With overflowing compassion born of shared scarcity, Dean now passionately spearheads the vital charge to ensuring digital equity and accessibility for all marginalized people across globe.


Life challenges

Growing up with an inspiring single mother who had emigrated to make a better life, Dean internalized her empathy and compassion. Witnessing her struggles and triumphs as an immigrant seeking opportunity ignited within him an ardent dedication to empowering lives.



Dean's ingenuity sparked early, piecing together discarded parts to craft a functioning computer from society's castoffs. Though rudimentary, this first machine foretold his visionary spirit and relentless drive to uplift others through technology.



A chance elevator encounter sparked his calling. When he crossed paths with a couple ready to discard their old computer, he saw an opportunity to make a difference. Taking that machine home, he nurtured the seeds of a vision.


& Impact

Today he is empowering and uplifting communities worldwide through donated technology and digital literacy outreach programs kindled by an impassioned vision of opportunity for all. He won't stop until he can Bridge The Digital DIvide World Wide.