Help Us Bridge The Digital Divide

Each one reach one!
The Hendricks Foundation is on a mission to help bridge the digital divide and we need your help to do it.
Every dollar that is donated will be used to help a students that is in need and will help to bridge this gap one device at a time.

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  • My daily routine has changed dramatically ever since I’ve gotten my computer, I no longer have to wake up 1 hour earlier than usual to turn on my old family computer in order for it to start on time. I can now turn on my own computer with a simple click of a button.

    Lucy, 15

    High School

  • Getting this laptop was a dream come true! I can finally join my classmates online and keep up with school work. It’s changed everything for me—thank you!

    Sarah, 14

    High School

  • I go to school in person most of the time, but when someone who I was around has covid I have to stay home. The school would give me a Chromebook that I could use, but it was slow and would often freeze on me. I sometimes would fall behind in my classwork, but now there is nothing holding me back

    Sasha, 16

    High School

  • As a college student, having a laptop has literally saved my education. Now I can write my essays and do research anytime, anywhere. Huge thanks to everyone involved!

    Jakquan, 19

    Wanye State

  • Receiving this laptop has been an immense help in my academic life. Before, I had been struggling to complete assignments efficiently. My academic performance has seen a noticeable improvement as I can complete my work more easily and keep on top of my schedule. 

    Derek, 17

    High School

  • Thank you for my new laptop! I love it so much. Now I can do all my homework on time and even play games when I’m done!

    Emilia, 12

    Middle School

  • This laptop has opened so many doors for me. I'm able to explore new subjects, apply for jobs, and work on my projects. It's been a real game changer. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Carlos, 22

    UMass Amherst

  • I can’t express enough how grateful I am for receiving this laptop. It's not just a tool for school, it’s my window to the world. Thanks a million!

    Myah, 15

    High School

  • With this laptop, I feel like I’m finally on a level playing field with my peers. It’s been invaluable for my studies and keeping in touch with friends. Thank you for making this possible!

    Raj, 18

    University of Michigan

  • Receiving this laptop was such a blessing. It has helped me keep up with my studies and even start learning graphic design. I'm so grateful for your support!

    Hannah, 17

    Macomb Community College