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Helping communities

The Hendricks Foundation collects used computers, refurbishes them, and donates them to schools, nonprofits, and individuals in need. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide world wide. Is your school in need of devices for students?

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Join the change

Fuel equity. Answer the call. Create opportunities. Right wrongs. Lend skills. Be the HEART that drives our mission. Teach, fix, write and organize now to pump PASSION where it's needed most.

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Experienced Volunteers

Our TEAM of experienced volunteers carefully tests each donated device, replaces any broken parts, installs up-to-date software, and ENSURE each computer is in good working order .

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Meet Our Founder

Learn about the problem, our vision, the soltuion and the people trying to bridge the gap.

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Our mission is to be the bridge to the digital divide.

Our vision is to become a world leader in environmentally sustainable solutions to digital needs.

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We provide students access to affordable digital education.

Changing lives with technology assistance for those in need

"Crossing a the divide on your own is hard if you see nothing to cross to. Yet, if I meet you half way, you'll know that hope lies on the otherside" - Dean Hendricks


  • My daily routine has changed dramatically ever since I’ve gotten my computer, I no longer have to wake up 1 hour earlier than usual to turn on my old family computer in order for it to start on time. I can now turn on my own computer with a simple click of a button.

    Lucy, 15

    High School

  • Getting this laptop was a dream come true! I can finally join my classmates online and keep up with school work. It’s changed everything for me—thank you!

    Sarah, 14

    High School

  • I go to school in person most of the time, but when someone who I was around has covid I have to stay home. The school would give me a Chromebook that I could use, but it was slow and would often freeze on me. I sometimes would fall behind in my classwork, but now there is nothing holding me back

    Sasha, 16

    High School

  • As a college student, having a laptop has literally saved my education. Now I can write my essays and do research anytime, anywhere. Huge thanks to everyone involved!

    Jakquan, 19

    Wanye State

  • Receiving this laptop has been an immense help in my academic life. Before, I had been struggling to complete assignments efficiently. My academic performance has seen a noticeable improvement as I can complete my work more easily and keep on top of my schedule. 

    Derek, 17

    High School

  • Thank you for my new laptop! I love it so much. Now I can do all my homework on time and even play games when I’m done!

    Emilia, 12

    Middle School

  • This laptop has opened so many doors for me. I'm able to explore new subjects, apply for jobs, and work on my projects. It's been a real game changer. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Carlos, 22

    UMass Amherst

  • I can’t express enough how grateful I am for receiving this laptop. It's not just a tool for school, it’s my window to the world. Thanks a million!

    Myah, 15

    High School

  • With this laptop, I feel like I’m finally on a level playing field with my peers. It’s been invaluable for my studies and keeping in touch with friends. Thank you for making this possible!

    Raj, 18

    University of Michigan

  • Receiving this laptop was such a blessing. It has helped me keep up with my studies and even start learning graphic design. I'm so grateful for your support!

    Hannah, 17

    Macomb Community College