Meet our dedicated team of 6 experts

Dean Hendricks

Director, President, CEO & Lead Technician

"My personal mission is to build the best of worlds. Through digital education that vision can be realized."

The Founder of The Hendricks Foundation, Dean was inspired to take down the digital divide from his own struggles keeping up in education and growth. When he isn’t working, Dean is always looking for new music venues, favorite food is anything covered in BBQ sauce and he loves watching Saturday morning cartoons.


VP, COO & Lead Researcher

"Every paper I write helps to teach others about the necessity of our foundation."

Britney is very passionate about her job, using her skills as a researcher to report, to educate and to empathize with others. Britney is always ready to write a report about our impacts on sustainability. Britney loves going on beach trips, loves a good 90’s sit com, and prefers crunchy peanut butter to smooth. 


CFO, Treasurer & Media Specialist

"I want to show the world that young women can make a difference."

A’Sharie is ALWAYS smiling and working hard. She takes on challenges, such as bridging the gap, with ambition and a positive attitude and their strength and laughter is contagious. A’Sharie is also a huge fan of movies and popcorn, dances in the rain when no one is watching and her favorite color is bright green. 


Digital Media Officer

"I want to help every student I can, but news can only spread so fast."

Efita’s skills with the media arts helps him become an amazing mentor to any child in need of overcoming the digital divide. Efita is always giving over 100% to his work and celebrates when a student succeeds. He is also really into coffee over tea, cooking shows over reality shows and otters are his favorite animal.



"Knowing I changed a child's life gives me joy"

Almarene is a fantastic fit for The Hendricks Foundation because she always wanted to work for something that made a difference and brings change to the world. Now she is a part of something that makes education possible for all walks of life. Almarene is a big nature fan, loving scenic walks, anything pasta, and petting dogs.

Rynelle Lynch

Lead Journaalist

"I want to write for the future"

Renelle is a passionate writer that loves to report on the truth. She is the face behind the Paperless Times team and she's is always ready to write a good article. Renelle wants to change the world one article at a time. When she's not writing, Renelle loves to read and go on adventures with her close friends.