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to the
digital divide


One computer. That was all it took to change our lives forever. We didn't start out as an idea. We started out on an ACTION, creating change by making the radical choice to solve two problems at once.
A computer that was destined to be discraded, was restored and given to a child in need.

The Problem

We are a Black lead nonprofit. We are a global team that does work in Massachusetts, Michigan and the island of Jamaica.

With over 50 million tons of recyclable e-waste per year, how is it that students still don’t have access to reliable computers? Why are kids being isolated in the midst of our digitally connected world? Here at the Hendricks Foundation, we saw the effect e-waste has on the environment. We witnessed children being left behind during online learning without the technology they need to succeed. And we realized something: everyone has great potential but not everyone has the means to reach it.


That’s why it’s our mission to be the bridge to the digital divide. We replace those clunky desktops with newly repaired and updated technology to help kids excel in the digital universe. Every laptop and desktop donated in exchange for tax credit will give your technology a second life in the hands of students who need a second chance in our digital society.


Our process is simple. We take your old computer, upcycle and the distribute them to students. Keeping your old devices out of landfill and starting another's digital journey. Together we can make the difference we wish to see. Bridging the digital divide with charity and unity

Questions @ Answers

What is our vision?

The Hendricks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization designed to tackle the growing digital divide among our students. We can change a child’s life forever by repairing e-waste and donating it to those without proper access to digital education.

What does the Hendricks Foundation do?

The Hendricks Foundation brings digital education to students that do not have the means to acquire it. Our Primary program takes donations of new, used or broken computers. Once those computers are in our hands, we renew them and distribute them to the students who are in need of them. 

Why is the Hendricks Foundation important?

Without access to the digital world, students will fall behind in our digital age. And where ever there is an educational gap, there is room for poverty.

Who is the Hendricks Foundation helping?

The Hendricks Foundation will primarily provide computers and digital resources to students who are in school from grade 5 up to the college level.

Why did the Hendricks Foundation choose to make an impact?

At the Hendricks Foundation, we see that the world is changing. And with the changing world, the digital universe is also transforming with it. Yet some students do not have the means access to access digital education. Rather than see a problem swell and expand, we have chosen to transform the futures that we will inhabit. Every single student that receives adequate access to the digital universe, is one less educational gap in our ever-changing world.

How will the Hendricks Foundation create change?

The Hendricks Foundation will provide and facilitate means for students to gain access to digital education. We will distribute donated computers to the students who need them. We will create educational programs to teach children about the digital universe. We will help students learn how to do repairs on their machines and upon others.

What transformation will the Hendricks Foundation bring to the world?

The Hendricks Foundation will close the digital divide and facilitate virtual education for all. 

Any future plans?

As the Hendricks foundation expands, so will the programs that we offer. For now we are primarily in the United States, however. Within due time, we will bring our programs internationally.

Be The Bridge To The Digital Divide

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